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Speak O Lord

Verse 1
You spoke and atoms span  
You breathed and life began
The heavens sang for all that You had made
Create in us anew
Restore our hearts to You
That in our lives Your glory is displayed

Where else can we go
For You alone have the words of life

So speak O Lord for we long to hear
Joy for heavy hearts, hope to persevere
Hide within every word You say
Turn our faltering feet
So we never stray from You

Verse 2
Guide our gaze away
From fortune sure to fade
And fix it to your Word that we may see
Holy Spirit breathe
To strengthen and to teach
That we might be equipped for every deed

Words and music © 2017 Trevor Hodge


Genesis 1, Psalm 119, John 1:1-3, 2 Tim 3:16