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See the radiance of God
Risen Son
All the angels rejoice
At His name
All creation’s sustained
By the power of His Word
And His throne will endure
For now and ever

Perfect Son
Sacrificed once for all
Power of sin, fear of death
Now destroyed
Raised to life
Raised on high
Jesus, Name above all Names
His acclaim will resound
Beyond the ages

Come join the song
In earth and heaven voices raised
In the chorus of the saved
Come, shout his Name
Come, lift a sacrifice of praise
With the chorus of the saved

Through His blood
Our forgiveness is sure
By His Spirit within
We’ll endure
Holding on to this hope
As an anchor for our soul
And our eyes fixed on Jesus
The one who saves us

Now let us draw near the holiest place
Our hearts full of faith
Our lips full of praise
So let us draw near the holiest place
Now pure through His blood
Our sins washed away
— © Trevor Hodge 2014


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