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NextGen14 Week 2 music links

Its always a great privilege to lead the singing at the NextGen Youth Leaders conference!  It has been great to meet so many young leaders from all over NSW and beyond.

Lots of people have been asking where to find some of the songs we've been doing.  I've pulled together a Spotify playlist with most of the songs we did over the week which should help...although some of these recordings might sound a little different to how we did them!

If you're looking for charts, the best place to start is the CCLI Songselect website.  If that fails, then try or Emu Music's website.

I am not ashamed was a brand new song...Monday was the first time it had been sung!  So I've just uploaded charts and a live recording from NextGen onto my Patreon site - you can download them for free there (as well as my other charts) but please consider whether you'd like to help support me so I can continue to dedicate time to writing even more songs.

And if there's anything else I can help with, don't hesitate to get in touch.