At Kirkplace we are preaching through the statements of the Apostles Creed, and it was my privilage to preach on the gloriously good news of Jesus Christ - who suffered under Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.  You can listen to the sermon here soon.

But as promised, here are my sermon notes and Bible passages from Sunday's sermon - as well as a few other resources that I've found helpful.

Was it necessary that Jesus suffered and died?

Jesus tried to teach his disciples that he would have to suffer and die.

Mark 8:27-33  -  Mark 9:31-32  -  Mark 10:32-34  -  Mark 10:44-45

Jesus willingly laid down his life

John 10:17-18  -  Phil 2:8

The risen Jesus explained the necessity of his suffering and death from Scripture

Luke 24:25-27  -  Luke 24:44-48

The early christians explained the necessity of Jesus’ suffering and death from Scripture

Acts 3:18  -  Acts 17:2-3  -  Acts 26:22-23 - 1 Cor 15:1-4

The implications of Jesus’ prayer in garden was that there was no other way possible.

Mark 14:32-36

Why was it necessary that Jesus suffered and died?

It was God’s plan, from before creation, to adopt and make holy a people for himself through Christ.

Eph 1:4-8  - John 3:16-17

Why was it necessary to do this through Jesus’ suffering and death?

Because of our sinful condition…  

Rom 3:10-12

…and God’s righteous justice…          

Ex 43:6-7

…Jesus' suffering and death was God’s perfect plan to love, forgive, adopt and make holy sinful people - like us - for his own and satisfy his righteous judgement again sin.

Rom 3:23-26  -  Heb 2:11-15  -  Isa 53:3-6

And therefore Christ’s suffering and death absorbed the wrath of God on our behalf.  

Gal 3:13  -  Eph 2:3-5  -  1 Thess 5:9-10

What did Christ's suffering and death actually achieve?

Christ’s suffering and death bore our sins and purchased our forgiveness.

 1 Pet 2:4  -  Isa 53:5

Christ’s suffering and death provided a perfect obedience and righteousness for us that becomes ours in him.  

2 Cor 5:21  -  Phil 2:7-8

Christ’s suffering and death defeated death.

Heb 2:14-15  -  1 Cor 15:55-57

Christ’s suffering and death bring us to God.  

1 Pet 3:18  - Heb 10:19-22

But the ultimate purpose of Christ’s suffering and death was to demonstrate God’s infinite love, mercy and justice so that his glory might be clearly seen, enjoyed and celebrated.

 Eph 1:4-12  -  Heb 2:9  -  Phil 2:5-11

This talk from John Piper was really helpful in thinking through what Christ's suffering and death has achieved for us.

Personally, I've been reading  New Morning Mercies each morning this year, and its a great way to be reminded of the gospel, and how much we need God's mercy through Christ every day.