So…its been a while between blogs!  My apologies…I had great intentions of posting lots of news throughout April, but discovered that my internet access (and available time when you’re travelling with two young boys!) was pretty scarce!  So now that we’re back on home turf, here’s a look back at the past month.

Early in April, I had the privilege of leading worship at the European Christian Mission Biennial conference in Umag, Croatia.  ECM is a group of people from all over the world who are working all over Europe to help plant and grow churches, and the Biennial is their opportunity once every two years to gather together to share news and stories, to learn, grow and encourage one another.  We made the trip across as a family, and my particular role was to gather a group of musicians and singers from within the ECM team, and lead times of worship each day of the conference.

One of the highlights for us personally was hearing the different stories of what God is doing across Europe.  Often, you hear the tag of “post-christian” applied to Europe.  But rather than any sense of longing for what was, we really perceived from everyone a sense of thankfulness for what God is doing now in their communities…and great hope and excitement for what is yet to come!  Watch the clip below or check out the ECM website to find out more and pray for those serving across Europe.  Who knows…you might even want to get involved?!

Look out for some more music / worship specific reflections coming soon...