So right now I'm in Kentucky at the Doxology and Theology conference.  I'm going to try and keep giving quick updates as we go - but you can always stream in as well at

Last night we heard from Don Carson on John 4, and Paul Tripp from Col 3.  I'll need to go back over my notes from Don's talk, but here's a few quick thoughts and challenges from Paul...

The danger of idolatry is never more present than in moments of the supposed worship of God

  • We're all hardwired to seek, but it is also that we have life in its fulness already in God (Col 3:3-4)
  • Therefore it is an act of Gospel amnesia for a believer to seek life - identity, affirmation, validation - anywhere else
  • Our leadership of corporate worship will either affirm the fullness of life we have in Christ, or reveal we are  gospel amnesiacs.  What does my heart seek in the midst of serving in worship ministry?

Some 'things above' that we are to seek.

  • Gods glory - there is NO glory for us in this.  To take glory is to be a glory thief.
  • Grace - we need the rescuing grace of Christ as much today as ever.
  • Redemption - everything we do is as ambassadors of the redeemer
  • Kingdom - we are building a kingdom...but who's?!