One of the things I love about the Psalms, and a reason why we need to keep singing them, is that they arise from all different seasons of human life.   There's Psalms for those 'mountain top' times...when life is victorious, and all is good...and we're just bubbling over with praise to God.

But there's also Psalms for the 'valleys'...when we're lost, confused and defeated.  Psalms that cry out desperately to God...hoping that he might just hear and answer. 

We've been working through some of the Psalms over summer at Kirkplace - reading, preaching and singing them together.  And there's been some really significant moments.  A couple of weeks ago as we sang Psalm 61 - one of these 'crying out' Psalms.  One of our church members has suffered more that I could ever imagine over the last few years.  A victim of a stroke, he has been unable to do anything for himself - walk, eat or even speak.  He is constantly in and out of hospital and in continual pain.  The Psalms help us cry out together, to be unified in our struggles and pain and give voice to those who have none.  It was so moving to see the church gather around him and his family, to pray, sing and cry out to God together.

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